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We provide free CV writing guidance to each of our candidates, aiming to enhance their employment prospects. Our goal is to help them fully realize their job-seeking potential.

man in blue suit jacket holding white tablet computer
man in blue suit jacket holding white tablet computer




Ensure your CV is easily scannable by recruiters and HR staff by writing short paragraphs of two to three sentences, using sub-headers to break up long text, and choosing a font size that's readable without overcrowding the page.

Place your personal statement at the beginning of your CV as it's a crucial element. Aim for brevity, limiting it to no more than 100 words, yet ensure it's impactful to encourage further reading. Focus on distilling your top skills and achievements into compelling content.

The work experience section on a CV can sometimes become a monotonous inventory, quickly causing the reader's attention to wane. To prevent this, highlight particular accomplishments and skills you've honed, with a strong emphasis on details.

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